The Kuhumas are back in town!!

I think one of the great thrills of being alive, is the surprise and excitement of something unexpected. Just how beautiful it actually is when the rains come and how much life actually comes with the water of summer's rains. Even better if some of that life is in the form of big, yellow (and [...]

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Rex is going to take us tracking …

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the story a fresh track, in soft soil, can whisper to those who are open to the voice of the bush.Seeing a fresh track for the first time, the information, the possibilities and the promise that lies open in the sand. It can be as invigorating [...]

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Look what WE have found in the last 24hours!!

WE have certainly seen leopards in the last twenty-four hours! Saseka and her kill getting stolen by the mpisi (hyena)!! And then, once she got down from the marule tree, our long elusive (and fast becoming my favourite male) leopard with the heart on his forehead Yambilu-Jordaan (Yambilu means "heart" in Shangaan). WE got to [...]

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The second LIVE leopard kill!!

Congratulations to Rexon (presenting) and Pieter (camera) for persisting with Saseka (Karula's daughter) as she hunts and eventually catches a tree squirrel. What a phenomenal leap through the air to catch the unsuspecting squirrel high in a tree.The video clip above is 10 minutes long, and the leap occurs at about 9 minutes, but watch the clip from [...]

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