Congratulations to Rexon (presenting) and Pieter (camera) for persisting with Saseka (Karula’s daughter) as she hunts and eventually catches a tree squirrel. What a phenomenal leap through the air to catch the unsuspecting squirrel high in a tree.

The video clip above is 10 minutes long, and the leap occurs at about 9 minutes, but watch the clip from the beginning as you really appreciate the leopard’s hunting technique, as well as the expertise of Rex and Pieter as they work as a well oiled team to take you right into this beautiful cat’s life … LIVE!
The clip below is the aftermath, as Saseka eats her prize. I write this as she (Saseka) is now hunting a duiker, so i will leave you to go back and see what happens …

NOTE: Please excuse the relativley poor video stream performance, but the signal from the vehicle back to the final control was a little weak at this site, due to the increased water load in the trees. The water absorbs our microwave signal and this results ina degraded signal. But sometimes the content just outweighs the difficulties. :)