Safari’s new cub!!! (First pictures)

Well here he/she is ... the very first glimpse of Safari's cub!!! Andre De Kock, of Arathusa ( snapped these two pics on the 23rd December 2008 on Arathusa, which is right next door to Djuma on the western side.Safari moved her cub, very normal at this early stage to a new 'secret' location. WE [...]

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Little blue eyes that will look around soon.

Imagine having known Karula since she was a little cub, sharing her young adventures, seeing how Safari, her mother, raised her to be a strong, savvy independant adult a couple of years later. Now imagine sometime later she has cubs again, and WE spend time with them, get to know them! This WE can do. [...]

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Sometimes WE carry others …

... and on Christmas day 2008 the WildEarth Angels (WEangels) were the heroes that made a small village, of much less fortunate people, the happiest little village in the world!!WE were late getting started because of rain and a power line had broken in the storm, but the WildEarth crew woke up before dawn and [...]

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WElcome Lieschen!

Before embarking on her graduate studies Lieschen developed a love for South Africa, learnt to speak English at age five in Indianapolis (USA), climbed dunes in Namibia and au-paired in Yorkshire (UK). Her childhood experiences instilled in her a love for travelling and for the variety found in different cultures. Yet there was this dream [...]

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