WE are now three weeks to Christmas and the WEangels have raised just under $4500.00!!
Emily and I are still working on the presents for the kids, Rex is still getting prices for the tent, music, two cows, three sheep, almost 100 chickens and a team of cooks. Emily has organised all the other food and drink, which will be delivered to WE just before Christmas. WE appreciate all your donations, please keep spreading the word as the more WE raise the more we will be able to feed.
But you can help the WEangels raise $5000.00 simply by registering at www.amazee.com for FREE and then joining the Christmas at Dixie project. The project that has the most members (with photo avatars, so don’t forget to upload a photo) by the 29th January 2009 will win $5000.00 dollars! This will be too late for Christmas, but WE will think of something that will benefit the people of Dixie and you can make it happen. It will only take a few minutes out of your day, but could end up making a real difference in the lives of some poor and super deserving people.
Currently the lead project has 100 members … WEangels can certainly beat that … it’s in our nature.
I would also like to thank Stacy Manfredi for all her assistance so far on this project. She has very kindly been helping to start the WEangels Blog, the WEangels Facebook Group and the WEangels “Christmas at Dixie” Facebook cause. I would also like to thank Karen, Aquila, Valorie and Bev for their massive contribution to running the WE social network and for creating the WEangels group. Please join up and help promote all these different places. The WEangels project is growing from strength to strength, and I suspect that it is going to be around for a very long time and make a very big difference in a lot of peoples lives.