With only three days to go, things seem to be falling into place nicely. The food and drink from La Bamba will be delivered on Tuesday 23rd along with all of the meat from the butcher. We are no longer going with a whole cow, but rather 200kg of beef cut up into steaks by the local butcher. This should be more than enough to feed everyone. Sydney Frankel has a neighboring lodge and he has very kindly agreed to allow us to store all of the food there so that it remains cold and fresh for the big day.

Lieschen has got together a team of volunteers from the village and they will be organizing chairs, tables, cooking pots and water. They plan to have a “kitchen” area under some trees on the edge of the field with the tent and fire to cook the meat more towards the middle. The serving of the food will take place in the tent. 
The team plan to fetch the food from Sydney Frankel’s lodge at 05h00 CAT (Central African Time) on Christmas day and head out to Dixie to set-up (with the help of the volunteers). This will enable them to be ready for the present giving around 07h00 CAT (don’t miss this). The choir from the community will also sing at this point.
Shortly after this the lighting of the fires and cooking will commence.
As you know all of this will be filmed LIVE on the day, so make sure you log in to http://www.crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com. I understand that for our American audience that means staying up very late, but I promise it will be worth it. For those who really can’t make it then it will all be recorded in the WEarchive so you can watch it at a slightly more reasonable hour.
Once again thank you so much to our wonderful WEangels for making all of this possible. It really is promising to be an amazing day, and one that the people of Dixie will remember forever. I have some more angels to mention and thank those who have donated since the last Blog. They are:
Ronnie S, Tony Barnett, Caroline Fraser, Tom and Lynley Thomas, Amanda Tobin, Nancy Klassen, Constance Jaynes, Harold Yielding, Lily Flanagan, Barbara Broomell and Beth Brothman. Beth was donating on behalf of the Students in Ms Brothmans SAIL classes at Frontier Central Schools, the Students in Mrs Sentz’s 4th grade class at Cloverbank Elementary School and Frontier Central Schools Dimensions of Learning Facilitators.
Many Thanks to all of you, you are all amazing. I hope you enjoy the day.

Emily Wallington