WE have been watching another couple of cubs growing up at the hyena den. I must say that I adore these little guys, they are so so cute. I have quite a history with this den and this clan. When my son, Joshua, was six years old he came down to Djuma with me on a filming trip. We were testing some new gadgets that we were going to use in a film for National Geographic in the Serengeti (where Emily and I fell in love). One of the gadgets was a small remotley controlled ‘tank’ that we planned to manouver into the den, with it’s attached Infra Red camera. We hoped that it would show us a glimpse of the cubs world deep inside the termitarian. First we had to wait for the parents to go off hunting. So we waited and waited. We were parked just outside the den in a vehicle that you all know as the Jiga, but then it still had it’s roof. :) I sat on the roof and watched and waited, while Josh slept inside … it took hours for the parents to leave, but when they did, I woke up Josh and together we steered the little ‘tank’ down into the den through the entrance … and there they were … two little tiny cubs … tucked far down a little side passage. It was adorable and certainly worth the long wait.
The ‘tank’ went on to film several hyena dens in the Serengeti and produced some amazing footage which is still used by National geographic in some of their African promos.
Here are some seekpoints to moments WE have spent with these special creatures recently:
continued …
New tiny hyena pup… some may be choppy feed but great sighting
This one I had to include…. when Rexon came upon the hyenas that had stolen a drum. LOL
Well enjoy the hyena clan, cubs and den. Pieter is back from leave and Lieschen has joined WE, but more about that later.