Yesterday was an important day in the evoloution of LIVE wildlife broadcasting, because it was yesterday that Zaplive deployed the 'seekpoint' onto our beloved WildEarth platform. You might be asking: 'what is a seekpoint?' Well let me explain ...A 'seekpoint' is like a bookmark or a hyperlink, only it refers to a moment in the [...]

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WE are asking for volunteers …

WildEarth is working on a major upgrade to our WEarchive . Instead of the archive being based around 'time' only, WE are going to make it focused on 'sightings'. What this means is that you will be able to search the WEarchive through a variety of mechanisms, but with an emphasis on what was seen. There are [...]

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The new WEarchive

Well there are some cool new features that were introduced to the WEarchive this morning by our friends at Now you can search the archive based on 'date', 'highest rated' and 'most viewed'. Also there is a new 'quickview' function that 'pops up' the archive clip you want to see. Next week WE will [...]

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