WildEarth is working on a major upgrade to our WEarchive . Instead of the archive being based around ‘time’ only, WE are going to make it focused on ‘sightings’. What this means is that you will be able to search the WEarchive through a variety of mechanisms, but with an emphasis on what was seen. There are several things we will introduce over the coming weeks (more on these as WE go), but first WE need some volunteers to make this the best archive on earth!
I know that some of you have been noticing the WildEarth Twitter account, where our directors (mainly Siphiwe) Tweet that activity they see on WildEarth … well now WE are going to form a new team to take over this function 24 hours per day … WE are going to call this new team the WEtwits … names like this are in our nature … as you probably know! ;)
Now these WEtwits will each take a shift (to be decided amongst the team) and during that time you will need to monitor all the activity on WildEarth and Tweet (on the WildEarth Twitter account) the second you see an animal or a sighting of any kind. These Tweets will then be logged in the WEarchive and be searchable by keyword, but also visually on a time line. 
Additionally, you will be provided with an @crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com mail address, which will give you access to our growing WEintranet, where you will be able to propose, swop and manage shifts, amongst many other things. Soon thereafter, WE will be creating a system that will allow the WEtwits to tag the WEarchive in addition to the Tweets, which will allow all sorts of very exciting and groundbreaking applications.
If you are interested in volunteering some of your time to be a WEtwit and wish to be part of a team that will be pioneering a whole new way of looking at LIVE wildlife video and helping to build a potentially very important archive of animal behavior, please email us at   You will be contacted by one of the admin team, and over the next few days and weeks WE will select, train and guide this new force … the WEtwits!
Thanks for all you do to make WE the best … its in your nature.