, but WE can move! It has been and is very hot out here. Just sitting here, typing these words, I am sweating. Even trying to rest or even thinking and you know it is hot. . .even late and deep in the night, it is hot! Yesterday, after the cameras, internet and every other LIVE-line with the rest of the world went down, I eventually tracked the problem to the ‘magic’ fibre optic line that connects everything with everything and Final control, and with you. The road grading team had been deepening the run-off ditches, and in the process also severed our fibre optic line. . .this was at about 9:30 CAT. . .and it was hot!
Spoke to Graham and Emily, who are on a “holiday” or trying to take a break for the first time in ages. . .needless to say WE always come first. Many plans were made and spoken around, phone calls, emails and do I need to say. . .it was hot! However, WE move, no matter what, and soon people were heading this way. . .e.t.a. somewhere in the night. So us here at camp went and dug open the cable and got things ready for the arrival of Johan and Steven (fibre optic splicing experts). . .and it was still, very. . .hot.I have known both Johan and Steven now for a while, and as always they arrived in good spirit and always happy to be out in the bush! To cut a long story short, they hit the ground here around 10pm. . .and. . .Yes, it was still HOT! Many laughs and lots of careful work (and sweat) later, WE were streaming again. Even at 2am, back at camp after all was done and dusted, it was still. . .good to know that no matter what, WE can and do move fast. . .even if it is hot. . .and it is still hot.So it may be hot, or where you are super cold, but WE always move and do what WE can, because WE are hot. . .it is in our nature!!
Pieter Pretorius