On this morning’s game drive Rex and Simon went back to Karula’s kill on Twin Dams road, not far from where WE see the Whalberg’s eagles. For weeks now WE have all been wondering when we are going to see Karula’s cubs. This morning Rex felt lucky. He knew they were in the area, because the kill was close to where she (Karula) had denned. After watching Karula for a little while in the green grass, a little bundle of fur ran out and jumped on his mom … yes it is a little boy. Rex is not sure what sex the other cub is yet, because he/she is a little shy, but the slightly larger of the two is definetley a boy and he is pictured above with his mom grooming him.
You can see the moment he ran out, just click here.

Rex is going to chat to the other guides and try and get hold of Pieter in the Namibian desert to discuss possible names for our new leopard son. It will be a Shangaan name that captures an aspect of his personality or character. Usually names are only given as the youngsters leave their mothers, but that could be 14 months away! When WE have a few names we may put them up for a vote.

Rexon estimates their ages as between 3 and 4 months old, which is when they begin eating meat. WE are amazed how well Karula has hidden her beautiful babies right under our noses for so long, but she is a leopard after all. ;-)

This little one is the other brother or sister. He/she is much more nervous (a bit like Tingana). Hopefully over the next few days, weeks and months, he/she will get a bit more relaxed, WE will figure out the gender and get a name for this beautiful new leopard at Djuma. I already find his/her markings quite special … the ‘W’ on the neck (also known as the ‘necklace’) is quite distinctive, as are the two lightining bolts above the eyes.
Woooohoooo … it’s good to have leopard cubs.