In three days the Amazee bucket will be decided! There is $10,000 at stake. $5000 for 1st place, $3000 for 2nd and $2000 for 3rd. The winners will be decided by how many members with photo/avatars each project has on the 22nd January 2009. Right now WE are in the lead with the top 4 places for our 4 projects, but a coalition has formed that is trying to snatch our lead at the last minute … and they are coming up fast!!!
The WEangels and WEtwits have been working round the clock to stay ahead. When one team lays down to rest in North America, others in Europe, Africa and then Australia wake up and run with the baton. The past 72 hours has seen this team of dedicated volunteers send out thousands of messages on Facebook, Amazee, the WildEarth Social Network, MySpace, Twitter and many others. They have helped those without avatars on Amazee get one. They have identified those WildEarth viewers that have not registered for all four projects, and tracked them down across the Internet to ask for their help. I would like to extend the greatest thanks and deepest admiration to the WEangels and all they have done for the people of Dixie.
But it may not be enough! The other projects continue to grow in leaps and bounds, and there is very little time … with a great deal at stake …

You see, water is life. It is hard to imagine what life would be like if you did not have running water at your home, but just try for a few moments. You would not be able to wash your hands, which means that hygiene in your home would suffer hugely. You would not be able to wash yourself, which means your self esteem would suffer. You wouldn’t be able to clean food before preparing, and cooking without fresh water is not so easy either. Irrigating to grow food for your children is impossible. A flush toilet is only a dream. Can you imagine dreaming about water? Knowing that diseases like cholera can spring up quickly and there will be little you can do to help your children.
Well you can make a difference and here is how to do it:

  1. All of the money won on the Amazee bucket is going to providing fresh running water to the 80+ houses in Dixie. But it’s going to cost far more than $10,000 … so it is critical that WE win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All you have to do is register at (with a photo avatar) and then join ALL four WildEarth projects, and they are: Water for Dixie, Christmas at Dixie, The kids at Dixie and WildEarth.TV. On a daily basis WE now have well over 500 viewers on the LIVE safari, WE have over 1300 members in our social network, WE have over 2300 followers on our Twitter account and more than 20,000 people visit us every month … surely if WE all pull together WE can win this bucket and change the people of Dixie’s life forever? So if you have not yet joined, or you have not joined all the projects, please please do it right now. It’s quick and absolutely FREE!
  2. If you have already joined the projects, and uploaded your image avatar, you are now a WEangel and WE need your help. If each of us can think of one person in our lives that has not yet joined and will be at an internet connection over the next 48 hours, I beg you to implore them to help us and join our projects. Explain to them how so little effort on their part can make such a big impact in the lives of another human being. It’s like ‘paying it forward’ … when you do something kind for someone else, without asking for anything in return, the universe will smile upon you. :-) … Now is your opportunity to change the world … yes WE can!
  3. Drilling a new borehole, installing pumps and reticulating the water around this village is going to cost about $25,000. After WE have won the whole bucket … ;-) … we are still going to need more money. There are plans in motion and discussions are underway to get a few large donors, but if you could afford to make a small contribution it will be amplified many times over in the lives of these people. To make a donation please do so via PayPal and ‘send’ the money to WE are going to create a monument in Dixie with all the names of those that make this miracle happen … if you can afford to, please make sure your name is on that monument to what it means to be human … it’s in your nature.