Well, its the beginning of February and I feel like I have been away for a decade. My daughter Mia is now three months old and I am starting to feel human again. She is doing very well and so I have decided that it is time to officially come back to work. I first want to thank everyone so much for the warm wishes that we have had for our new little girl. It is fantastic being a Mum, better than I could have ever imagined.
My second big thank you is to all the WEangels who have donated towards the Water for Dixie Project. As I am sure that you all know we got second and third place in the Amazee Bucket which means we will receive $5000 towards the project. In the next few weeks we will complete the costing and see how much we really need to carry out this project. We will let you know how much is needed to make up the difference and hopefully get some more donations from the WEangels. Graham and I will head down there at some point to meet with the people of Dixie and discuss it. At the moment it is raining a lot which means there is a possibility of malaria. Therefore with such a new baby I really have to wait until the rain stops as Malaria would be disastrous at such a young age. Finally James Taylor has agreed to project manage the Water for Dixie Project and he will come on board when the money is in place.
I hope that all the WEangels who have donated for this project have had emails from me personally thanking them but I would like to take this opportunity to mention your names as well. Thanks to Marylou Kallin and the 2nd grade classes at Pinehurst Elementary School, Mr John C Tyrer, Detlef Pages, Sheabutter Cottage, Bert Meijer, Ann Beaufoy, Mary Schooley, Aquila, Andreas Nienhaus, Sandra Miller, Patti R German, Beth Brothman, Page B Teel, Sylvia Kappe, Snow LEApard, Margo Green, Kim Sammarco, Jill Lyons, Sharon Mcdorman, Jean-Pierre Levy, Kelley Vangrin, Marie Borglum, Harold Espen, Beth Brothman and Mrs. Kumiega’s 4th grade class at Cloverbank Elementary School.
Now that I am back to work properly I would like to start choosing the best video mash ups of the week and putting them on the blog again like I did before. Since I have been away the ‘Seek Point’ system has come into play. This is an awesome new addition to WildEarth and something that will be very useful when choosing the weeks highlights. If you feel that you have a ‘Seek Point’ that is worth looking at for the weeks highlights then please send it to .
I have chosen a few Seek Points and videos for this weeks highlights. It has been an unbelievable week with Rexon (the master tracker). We caught a glimpse of Karula’s cubs for the first time, spent time with the Nkahuma’s and found the Mapogo’s again. Not half bad! Enjoy.
Emily Wallington

This truly was a spectacular moment and a sighting that will go down in WildEarth history. We have been waiting to see these cubs for quite a while and what a first sighting. She is truly an amazing leopard and I am sure that she will bring these cubs up as well as she bought the last ones up. Well done Dave and well done Karula on your new family.

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Hangover by Amanda Djuma Djunkie
I luuurve the music and the video fits perfectly with it. Well done, this is pure entertainment.

What a stunning piece of music and great choice of shots. They all fit beautifully together and watching it is really very therapeutic. I miss the bush terribly and this just exaggerates it. I have not seen any of your video’s before Uncle Monk but this is seriously awesome, please do more.
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Drive Diaries Chapter 3 by Dave Keen
This is really well edited and makes me realize what I have been missing all these months that I have not had a chance to get onto the social network. This is really a celebration of Pieter and his wonderful bush ways. He is still doing crazy things such as jumping out of bushes and wading into the dam to cool off. Thanks David for giving us this diary. I have not had a chance to look at the other chapters yet but I am are they are equally as good.