There has been little progress since the last update. WE are still not broadcasting, making this the longest break in transmission since WildEarth began broadcasting LIVE 24/7on the 27th April 2007!
The splicing team arrived from Johannesburg and managed to get their part of this puzzle fixed in pretty short order. They then slept last night at the camp and left at dawn this morning. One waterhole camera ‘came up’ in final control, but stopped working again at 19h00 last night. WE do not yet know why.
The bigger problems of the backhaul line, Internet connections, phone lines and mobile phone systems remain unsolved. What we do now know is that the microwave system that connects Djuma to the outside world is in fact working, but the lightning strike damaged all the systems at Djuma. The most critical … for our broadcast … is the router on our backhaul line. This device connects our encoders to the origin servers in Pretoria via the diginet line. Everything looks good on the router, in other words the lights are on and it is correctly plugged in, but the Matis node just does not see that there is a router.
While Herman has been doing his level best to make some headway, it has been very difficult with him having to drive to Gowrie gate every hour to chat to me on the mobile phone, then go back and try a few things and then drive back to the gate. So WE are trying to get a technician in to Djuma, but that is proving challenging. Pete Braat is in Cape Town on a short break, and he is now trying to get a flight back to Nelspruit, from where he will drive in to Djuma.
WE apologise profusley to our Internet audience and to our Something TV audience in the UK, ut assure you that WE are working hard to try to get back on top of this situation as fast as WE can … it is in our nature.