Today is a sad day. This morning on the game drive radio, Pieter was told that Wonky had been found dead on a property to the north of Djuma.
As many of you know, Wonky has been one of our regular characters here at Djuma and on WildEarth for a long long time. In fact nobody can say when he first moved onto this land, but it is was a long time ago. He lived a life of relative solitude. A bull elephant with a deformed tusk, and more challenging for him, a deformed back leg, which must have made it hard to keep up and defend himself from other bulls.
It would appear that he was killed by another bull elephant. Just after the morning drive, Pieter and Lieschen asked for and got permission to visit Wonky.
From what Pieter has said to me, it sounds like it was a good thing that they visited him. I think there was some closure for both Pieter and Lieschen. I will let them talk more about their feelings later.
Pieter did say that it appears that Wonky dies at least a day and a half ago, maybe as much as three days. He said that Wonky had a few large gashes on his back, which are consistent with tusk injuries, which most likley would have been inflicted by another bull. He also said that there was signs of several elephant having visited the old man over the past short while. I am sure his friends having been coming around to pay their respects … it is in their nature.
No promises, but WE are trying to get special permission to take you to see Wonky as well. If WE are not able to secure this permission, Pieter and Lieschen will show you the photographs of him and say some words.
If anybody makes a tribute to Wonky please let us know so that WE can post it and share it with everyone.
Also, if you have a Facebook profile, you can become a fan of Wonky here …

Goodbye old man.