I have to be honest, I sit here now and find myself at a slight loss for words. When given the chance to sit down with your thoughts,
stare quietly into your feelings and write about your emotions. . . then suddenly a lot of what happened today comes rushing back at me
like a mock charge. I find myself unable to write in many words, or in few, what I felt today.

Wonky was and always will be a very special elephant for me, and also a great presence for Lieschen and myself . WE shared many moments together
and he held a  very special place in our  journey together. We have looked in each others eyes, and there his image will remain a part of us,
deeper than sorrow and longer than time.
So, I will stop trying to pen down what I felt today and feel now. I will share what I feel when I and WE see him again.

WE have received special permission from Buffelshoek ( the neighboring area where Wonky lies) with the help of Kobus Dannhauser and Sidney Frankel!
Weather  permitting,  Rory and I hope to be where Wonky lies, when the the dawn turns the skies. WE will leave at five (CAT), head there
in the grey of pre-sunrise and WE will share time and thoughts together.
Thank you for all the heartfelt thoughts and messages – they mean a great deal to me, us  and WE.
Pieter Pretorius