The team have been working hard for days to prepare the new position for the waterhole camera at Gowrie dam, and it looks like WE will have it in this evening. 
The dam is officially full after an above average rainfall (late rains) this summer. As a result Djuma will not be pumping water to the little pan in front of the current camera locations. Therefore a new position had to be found. 
First step was to meet up with Jurie Moolman (Djuma’s owner) and get his permission for the move and to finalise the location. When this was done, WE had to dig a trench for the power and network cabling. A team was hired in from Dixie and the trenching began. Pieter then went on a mission to find a solid Leadwood stump which had to be ‘installed’ in the agreed position (some of you may have seen this sweaty operation LIVE yesterday). This morning the Infra Red lights were repositioned down at the dam and this afternoon/evening the camera will be moved onto the stump. If all goes well and there are no last minute tech issues, the cam should be LIVE in your lives tonight.
You can expect a much better night view, a closer view of our new Gowrie hippo family (including the babies!) and the promise of my favourite … elephant swimming parties … it truly is in their nature.