Over the past few days WE have noticed a massive increase in viewers to the Hancock Wildlife cams, but on doing some experimentation WE discovered that many of the viewers were in fact not there. In other words a lot of people are leaving the cams running when they are not watching. On the Internet both the broadcaster and the viewer have to pay for the bandwidth and that means that WE (actually Zaplive) are paying for the bandwidth even when no one is watching. Obviously that is not fair and so WE have implemented an auto stop (on all WildEarth streams, both Hancock cams and the Djuma stream). This effectively means that every 1 hour you will be asked to click the screen in order to prevent the stream from stopping automatically. This will prevent a situation of where costs are being run up but nobody is watching.
Some people have been letting the streams run because they are recording them, particularly the Hancock eagle cams, and WE understand this need. So from tomorrow morning all Hancock streams will be archived and be available in the WEarchive, soon they will be available from right inside the player (so you can find them from the Hancock website). Additionally you will now be able to create seekpoints in the Hancock cams as well as on the Djuma stream. I hope that you can all appreciate our need to make what WE do viable and to eliminate wastage.