The past few weeks and in particular the past few days have brought some outstanding content. Yesterday, I was working on trying to get our new streaming platform working properly (sorry about all the hassles, but it is getting better) and I suddenly noticed that Karula was hunting!! I saw her tail sticking out onto the road as the impala walked just a few feet from her and I was convinced that she was about to make our 5th LIVE leopard kill. I called Emily over to watch, but at the critical moment the impala spotted her tail and darted out of range. At the moment the impala saw her tail I heard Pieter’s camera click and I knew that pic would be great … it was and it is above here.
When Pieter sent through the pic he included so many awesome images taken over the past few weeks that I thought I had to show you somehow. I decided to make a small video of them and here it is …

… I should have done it at a slightly higher quality, and taken a bit more time to pick out individual images, as there are some real beauties, but alas, there is never enough time. :)
As you all know WE have had lions hanging around for the past two weeks … the Styx pride! Twice they have hunted while WE have been watching and the Jigga came upon them shortly after having killed a waterbuck recently. So you never know, WE might get to see the first LIVE successful lion hunt and kill while they are around. (Obviously it won’t be the first time that a lion kill (carcass being eaten) has been broadcast LIVE, but nobody has yet broadcast the actual hunt and kill LIVE yet.)
The Gowrie dam is picking up in action and the bush is beginning to dry out … WE now enter the season of maximum content on our beloved Djuma … enjoy … it is in your nature.