Minutes before yesterday afternoon’s safari, the Jigga stopped broadcasting!! It was all working fine (and has done so now for more than 2 years with very few issues), but suddenly stopped. :( Herman, Pieter and Pete set about checking every thing they could think of to find the problem. The team worked for hours and hours and could not find the problem. Then this morning the searching carried on. WE got hold of Quenton from Telemedia in Johannesburg (a broadcast microwave genius who has been there for WE for years), and he suggested several additional tests … but still no clue as to why it had failed.
The time had come to get the gear to Johannesburg and fast …
Now when Herman woke up this morning he did not expect to be driving to Jozi on his own. In fact it is Herman’s birthday today and I am sure that he expected a very different day. But the dragon that is LIVE broadcasting had different ideas … so Herman is driving like the wind, Quenton is preparing to work into the night … and WE will all have to wait and see what they discover.
As usual WE must apologize for the fact that there will not be any safari’s today or tomorrow, but also to promise you that WE will not rest until the Jigga is back on the road bringing you that all important LIVE window into Africa … it is in our nature.