It has been a very tough week at WildEarth. 
First the Jigga got into real trouble. The engine needed massive work to get back on the road. After being let down by two mechanics, sourcing the parts, getting the wrong parts, two trips to Nelspruit, a lot of phone calls and stress, WE eventually got the old girl back on the road. 
Then WE had to change over the network system again. Pete worked (and is still working) 20 hour days to finalise this system. As a result the archives were down for two days and you may have noticed countless changes and tests going on. The good news is that seekpoint search is almost complete and should be coming to a screen near you in hours (days at the most).
Last night (our time) you may have noticed a lot of strange inserts and much higher bit rates/resolution of the video stream, this was because WE were doing a demo for a potential new client.
Anyways, as usual there is a lot going on behind the scenes over here at WE. Hopefully soon WE will be able to start showing you how WE can stretch when given the opportunity. ;-)
The video above is a short look behind the scenes at Djuma, and is based on a WE-BiTS that Marco Tonoli did almost a year ago. It shows Patrick going to meet the La Bamba food delivery and the vervet monkeys stealing some of that food.
Written by Graham Wallington