WE have gone LIVE with another amazing camera and this time it is mammals rather than birds. The Pixcontroller Wildlife Webcam is truly a unique system which is set up in Southwestern Pennsylvania which is host to and array of wildlife species. This camera has seen Gray Squirrels, Chipmunks, Red Fox, Cross Fox, Gray Fox, Coyotes, Turkey Vultures, Raccoons, Red-Tailed Hawks, White Tailed Deer and White Turkey. I think it is going to be one of our most prolific cameras ever from a point of view of animal variety.

The PixController WebCam consists of several video camera feeds. There is a main camera which is wired to our base unit and broadcasts a video signal 24/7. There are also several motion-activated wireless video cameras connected to the unique wildlife webcam. When something is in front of these camera systems they will turn on and send a video signal back to the base station. The base station will look for any incoming video transmissions and when it senses one it will turn off the main camera and switch the video feed over to the incoming video transmission. Once the animal leaves the site of the remote motion-activated camera the video signal will be switched back to the main camera.

This remote system means that you will always see the best that there is at anyone time. WE hope you enjoy this new camera, WE certainly love it.

Keep watching, tomorrow we are due to launch ANOTHER camera in Africa. I don’t want to reveal what it is yet but I can say that there are lots of these animals all in one place with some babies!! Enjoy.