The team at Operation Migration have been working long nights and especially hard to get this cam LIVE to all of you and they have finally done. Go to the WE site at and flip through the coverflow until you find the new stream. To begin with you will be watching one of the pens where the recently arrived cohorts of young Whooping Cranes are being kept at Nacedah Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin. There flight training and socialization are underway and in the fall, if all goes well, they will begin their epic journey south. 
This year Operation Migration, with WE, plans to keep you updated through the whole journey. Parts of the migration will be LIVE, but there will be regular updates from the route by some of the key people involved in this phenomenal and inspiring conservation effort.
Enjoy this new facet to WE. Don’t forget to visit the OM website and YouTube channels as well as join their Facebook group.
A big warm WElcome to Operation Migration from the whole WEfamily. :)

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