Patrick was the second ranger to run the race. He did very well, in spite of a delay for rain. All his animals (with spines of course) were identified almost straight away and he ended up with 39 positively identified animals. This puts him slightly behind Rexon. Here are his results …

15h33 Human Being

15h33 Cape Turtle-Dove
15h35 Burchell’s Starling
15h38 Dwarf Mongoose
15h39 Southern Yellow-billed hornbill
15h42 Elephant
15h44 Waterbuck
15h53 Steenbok
16h16 Cape Buffalo
16h21 Hippopotamus
16h22 Fork-tailed Drongo
16h23 Lilac-breasted Roller
16h26 Blue Wildebeest
16h29 Egyptian Goose
16h31 Burchell’s Zebra
16h36 Red-billed Hornbill
16h38 Swainson’s Francolin
16h40 Red-crested Korhaan
16h42 Emerald-spotted Wood-dove
16h45 Tree Squirrel
16h52 Cape Glossy Starling
16h54 Three-banded Plover
17h04 Grey Go-away-bird
17h06 Rattling Cisticola
17h07 Crested Francolin
17h09 White Rhinoceros
17h15 Brown-hooded Kingfisher
17h19 Impala
17h26 Grey Duiker
17h33 Red-billed Buffalo-weaver
17h34 Red-billed Oxpecker
17h40 Helmeted Guineafowl
17h49 Flap-necked Chameleon
17h58 Bateleur
17h59 Arrow-marked Babbler
18h15 Domestic Dog
18h22 Water Thick-knee
18h25 Scrub Hare
18h26 Lesser Bushbaby