Pieter had a great race this afternoon. 51 animals (all with spines) all identified correctly and within a short while of the race ending. (Looks like you are all getting quite good at this). So that puts Pieter in the lead, Rexon second and patrick in third. Just Marc to go now, and he has quite a number to beat.
Here are Pieter’s results, along with a Hotspot (used to be called ‘seekpoints’) for each sighting. A big thank you to Kathy and Sharon for making, collating, checking and sharing all the Hotspots. Enjoy …

15h32 Human Being

15h35 Waterbuck
15h39 Impala
16h04 Nyala
16h31 Bateleur
17h42 Grey Heron
18h05 Hamerkop
18h07 Hyaena
18h25 Scrub hare