The PixController wildlife webcam recently has been updated with Hotspots. This has been a great addition to the camera as it allows people to view videos clips of action they missed during the day. This coupled with the addition of an upgraded and better PTZ camera they’ve been able to capture some amazing fall action in Western Pennsylvania. Some of the video clips captured include several nice whitetail bucks and does as well as groundhogs, mourning doves, various song birds, and raccoons. With the new PTZ camera they are able to zoom in and follow the animals around like you have seen on the African cameras.

Here is a red fox licking the salt lick.
Some of the more interesting clips include two small whitetail bucks sparring and one 2 1/2 year old whitetail buck chasing doe around in the morning. These are signs of the whitetail mating season which is just getting underway. Another interesting clip captured was a groundhog feeding at night, which they typically do not do. Groundhogs will only feed at night as winter approaches in order to prepare for hibernation. Last year was the first time they saw this behavior since groundhog have very small eyes which are not meant for nocturnal use. The interesting thing about this video clip was watching the groundhog feed with the raccoons. There was a little spat between the two species and the groundhog puffed himself up and stood his ground against this predator.
They also are pleased to announce the addition of yet another remote motion-activated camera which will come on-line very soon. This is in addition to the remote motion-activated carcass camera due to come on-line in about a month. This next remote camera will be placed on an active whitetail scraping site, which is used during the rut or mating season. Scraping sites are typically found under small trees and are 2′ to 4′ in diameter which a whitetail buck will create during this time period. Bill Powers from Pix Controller has been filming scraping sites for about 8 years now with their motion-activated video systems. What they’ve seen is that much of what has been written about scraping sites does not follow with what they have captured on video. These sites present a wonderful opportunity to see some very mature whitetail bucks which typically are very elusive throughout the year. Being able to broadcast this action live over the Internet will be a first of it’s kind.