The Minnesota Bound Bald Eagle nest is located in central Minnesota, USA, less than 30 yards from the flowing waters of the Crow River. Our pair is in their 3rd year at this nesting site. This nest is relatively young by Bald Eagle terms and is roughly 3 x 3 ft, made out of twigs, brush and other eagle friendly bedding.

Working through the harsh Minnesota winter, the eagles start rebuilding their nest in early February, preparing to lay their eggs in March. We anticipate from 1 to 4 eggs, but 2 is fairly typical. Incubation typically takes about 35 days and once the chicks are born, you will see every aspect of raising the young and a close-up view into bald eagle parenting.
Minnesota Bound is a popular Minnesota based television show that has now been on the air for 16 years. They highlight anything and everything to do with the Midwest outdoor lifestyle. Hosted by Ron Schara and his love able black lab Raven, these two have shared thousands of stories. From unique animals to incredible characters, they’ve covered nearly everything. They’ve had an interest in web cams for the past 4 years and their most popular one thus far has been the live loon cam. They really enjoy bringing nature to everyone, LIVE. Their dream is to continue growing the amount of camera’s they have placed and to give several great experiences throughout the entire year.
Ron Schara Productions is a production suite based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They currently produce 9 television shows locally, regionally and nationally. They have won many awards and they pride themselves on being the leader in outdoor variety television.
To give you the ultimate learning experience, they have teamed up with the Bald Eagle experts from the National Eagle Center, from Wabasha, MN, to give detailed updates and daily blogs. You can ask them questions or just learn from the world’s authority on Bald Eagles.