Pete’s Pond is a waterhole located on the Mashatu Game Reserve in the far south-eastern part of Botswana and was created by Pete Le Roux after whom it is named. A camera and broadcast system were set-up in cooperation with National Geographic in 2005 and it has since been broadcast to the web as NatGeo’s WildCam for many years during which it has grown a large and dedicated following.

Ever since it went off air just under a year ago there has been a continued call from the ‘Pondies’, as dedicated watchers call themselves, for its return and WildEarth is honoured to now have been chosen as Mashatu’s partner for bringing back the LIVE broadcast from Pete’s Pond.

Together with Pete Le Roux we are currently completing a detailed plan of what needs to be done to relaunch the broadcast. While most equipment is still in working order and can be re-used, some of it will need to be replaced due to being outside for so long or monkey damage. We are also working on re-establishing the satellite link that will be used for the broadcast. Once this assessment is completed we will be able to provide more specific info on when Pete’s Pond will be back.

We look forward to bringing back Pete’s Pond and to being part of its continued success and, while we are gearing up for this, would love to hear from you. So, please let us know what you think is important for Pete’s Pond and what you would like to see.

As suggested on the Pond’s current Facebook home, we will start by creating a new page in the next couple of days and look forward to meeting you there, Pondies old and new, to answer questions and get better acquainted.