After some last minute set-backs due to a recent mini-tornado that knocked over the tree we selected for the new camera (see this earlier blog), the new Djuma camera at Gowrie Dam is now, finally, ready for relaunch.

We are very happy to bring back this camera, which is one of, if not the, longest-running wildlife cameras in Africa, having started broadcasting well over a decade ago. (In those early days it only ‘streamed’ a refreshed still picture every 30 seconds!). When the cam returns tomorrow (Friday) at the end of the AM safari you will notice some changes from how it was before it was shut down for the upgrade.

Firstly we can again zoom and pan, and we have a dedicated and wonderful team of ‘zoomies’ that will control the camera around the clock and inform you of interesting sightings through our @wildearth twitter account. So there’s no need to miss anything. If you can’t come watch immediately, there are always our archives to check back at a later time.

Jurie and Pippa Moolman have been instrumental in making it possible to get the camera running again and Djuma will from now on be the ‘producer’ and be responsible for the maintenance and running of the camera. It will no longer be run from Safari Television, although as good neighbours they’ll still support Djuma when needed.

This change, together with the remote zooming, obviously begs the question: “But what about Siphiwe?”. Well, while Siphiwe will no longer be our local zoomie, she will stay and take on a more extensive role within Safari Television, supporting the crew with various organisational and administrative tasks. (For more info on this please read Will Fox’s blog.)

So, all is ready, we’re very excited, join us Friday morning at 0930 CAT for the relaunch of Djuma’s Gowrie cam!