As you might have seen from Djuma’s most recent blog, they have had to decide to stop the Safaris at the end of this month. While this is obviously a sad moment for all involved, we respect Djuma’s decision and know it was not an easy one to take as the safaris are in Jurie’s and Pippa’s blood as much as in yours and ours. I do wish to thank them both for having tried to keep them going, even if in the end it turned out to be for a short period only.

Now what does this mean for the future? Is this the definite end of WildEarth’s safaris or of our close ties with Djuma? ‘No’ in both cases.

WildEarth and Djuma go back a long way and will keep working closely together in the future as well. We provide whatever support we can from our side to make it possible for Jurie to get his second ‘roving’ camera up and running. (This would be a similar set-up to the wild dog den we broadcast from some years ago.)

As for the safaris: We are certainly not giving up on them and are looking into how we can bring them back in the future. Exactly how and when, and whether once again from Djuma or from a new location, remains to be seen but we simply love them too much to just give up and let this be the final chapter and close the book.