Quite a number of you have written to us about what can be done to restart the drives and, specifically, what they can do. As others might have the same questions, I thought it might be a good idea to write my reply publicly in a blog, rather than answer individually.

The situation is that we are actively looking for alternatives and different ways of bringing back safaris in a viable manner. There is nothing concrete at the moment, other than first contacts and explorations.

Until such time as this takes more shape there is not much you, as our viewers and supporters, can do. We hope to be able to come with news and plans early in the new year, but as said, cannot commit to anything fixed as we’re still in the very early stages of reaching out.

A simple restart at Djuma in the same set-up is at this point in time not on the cards for a number of reasons. That is not to say we won’t return (or stay, depending on how you look at it) there, but not in the next several months.

WildEarth is currently not actively involved in, or supporting, any ‘rescue missions’ and while we are grateful for all efforts and appreciate the support they reflect, I would ask everyone, as I’ve asked those that wrote to me, to ‘keep their powder dry’ until there is something concrete to put your efforts behind as that will be much more effective.

Finally, a note of caution on on-line safety. In times like these one needs to tread with extra caution as, while most efforts and requests for help are genuine and with only good intentions, there might be others that have less noble intents. In the past some people have abused trust of other viewers on Facebook and other networks to solicit personal information for, probably, malicious intent.

So, be especially careful with sending money or personal information as part of support initiatives and be sure to check and know how and where these might be used.

Aside from the CafePress stores and the tip jar, neither Djuma nor WildEarth are involved in any money-raising efforts, nor are we part of any efforts requiring personal information to be sent beyond a viewer’s e-mail address and nick name.

While the following is not a comment on the intent of any specific initiatives, we advise against sending such info as a matter of principle. Unless you are 100% certain you know its intended use, and that it will only be used for this, and you know the person who’ll be receiving it is who they claim to be, it is wise to not share anything you would not be comfortable sharing with a stranger you meet on the street.

If you are not sure whether something is supported by WildEarth or Djuma, feel free to ask us. (admin ‘at’ djuma.com will go to Jurie, contact ‘at’ crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com will come to us.)

Thanks for all your support,