If I were to have had a 3D camera follow me through my life, you would have seen fleeting images of me spending a lot of my youth out in the bush, then studying conservation and running the biology pub at university, becoming enthralled in photography, and then landing up on the doorstep of Wild Earth with the classic phrase “Please sir, can I have some more?”.
Now, I have never been a blogger, and for that matter I have never been a fellow bloggee either. In fact, were it up to me, I would deliver my daily updates to you all via a flock of Zazu Express hornbills cut straight from the cast of Lion King 3: Rise of the Meerkats. However, seeing as this is not possible due to some very restrictive budget cuts, here we are. My name is Rob, and I am the chief cook and bottle-washer for the Gosa Meerkat project at Tswalu reserve. My task, on top of filming the Gosa Gang, is to keep you in the loop of our daily meerkat adventures in the Kalahari and to make sure that you, the bloggee, together with our live meerkat cam, feel as much a part of the team as our live camera does*.
I will be taking photographs and posting them up on our facebook group (facebook.com/Gosa.meerkat.gang) as well as on my personal fan page (facebook.com/RobBruyns) and tweeting the tweets (twitter.com/RobBruyns) and clogging the blogs in one giant effort to keep you updated as often as possible, because this is going to be one of the greatest adventures ever! And you have a free ticket to be a part of it! I love the bush, and I love to laugh, so stick around for the next few months and who knows, (insert your name here),  we might upgrade you to the Hornbill v2.0 of this blog!
Wow, 402 words. Not bad for my first blog!
Chat soon!
*As a short side note, we have decided that all our cameras are to be named after cocktail drinks. The name chosen for the camera we built for season 1 of the Gosa Meerkat Gang is… Tequila Sunrise.