Meet the Gosa Meerkat Gang.

Spending a large chunk of the past 25 days with the Gosa meerkat gang has been a very enjoyable, and at the same time, fascinating experience.  Observing each individual meerkat go about their daily business of survival, against the magnificent backdrop of the Southern Kalahari, has made it impossible for us not project our human [...]

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the Gosa gang story before WE arrived

Nick took over as the meerkat habituator at Tswalu in early August 2011. The Gosa meerkat gang were known as the Gosa ground dam group at this time (named after the Gosa ground dam in the middle of their territory) and were 22 meerkats strong. Cleopatra was the alpha female, but Nick suspects that she [...]

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Collision with a cobra!

It was inevitable that on my wanderings through the Kalahari I would come across a cobra. However I never imagined it would be two separate incidents with two separate cobras about 20 minutes apart!!Picture the scene; its sunset, the meerkats are heading towards their burrow at Gosa Dam, and I am bumbling along behind them [...]

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Avoiding death in the desert

Gandalf’s lip curled as he steadied himself against the sky. With the sun behind it, wings tucked and talons locked forward, the hawk sped downward towards the Alpha male at an alarming rate. Its silhouette shadowing the fearless meerkat in an ominous grey vale that shrank rapidly across the Kalahari sand as the hawk closed [...]

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