As those of you who watched will no doubt have noticed the streaming of the meerkats from Tswalu hit a snag this week. After a 5 day test period with near-perfect streaming this was very disappointing, not to mention puzzling. We’ve been doing various tests and have breaking our heads this week to find the cause(s) of the problem.

We now think we’ve identified them and are working with the network provider to get them resolved as soon as possible.

Some were technical, but the upheaval in the meerkat world also played its part. When the Gosa Gang was pushed further north after the Jaco Dune group usurped part of their territory they entered an area where our network repeater could not see.

So we have decided to move our repeater to a location where it can see further north and continue work on the network tuning over the weekend. We expect this to resolve all or at least most of the difficulties and that soon the meerkat broadcast will be running smoothly again so we will all be able to follow the further developments in the Gosa Gang and in their battle over Gosa Dam with the Jaco Dune group.