Installing a movable camera at a water hole in Africa is only one step in bringing a great viewing experience to viewers all around the world. If there is nobody to move this camera to find and follow the animals that come to drink or walk by, then a lot will be missed.
WildEarth counts itself fortunate to have a small group of very dedicated people that help us to catch as much of the action as possible: Our zoomies! The intention is, or rather was, that each of them would take a couple of two hour ‘shifts’ each week at times that would suit them.
Unfortunately, and despite some heroic efforts from the group with some zoomies often taking more than a shift a day!, the current group is not large enough to keep the cam moving 24/7. As always, people’s lives change; some have less time, others simply want to simply sit back and enjoy watching the streams. So once in a while we need to replenish the ranks, and this is one such time.
A further reason is the upcoming launch of an additional waterhole camera next week at an exciting location that will be familiar to many of our long-term viewers. More on that soon…
Through the grapevine/bush telegraph, some people have already shown interest in joining the zoomie ranks, but we’d like to give everyone a chance to put their names forward. So if you are reasonably handy on a computer, patient and not easily frustrated (sometimes the cam does not play along), can distinguish between an impala and a kudu, and are willing and able to do an average 3-5 shifts of zooming a week, please let us know at .
You’ll find the zoomies are a great and fun bunch and will give you all the help and advice you need to get going. So come forward and help us bring Africa to the world.