How to create a videomark

One of the key features of our new site are the videomarks. These are like bookmarks in our huge archive library. Some of our cams have been archived back to 2008 and WE are still converting this footage into a format that can be viewed on all devices (including iPads and iPhones). The past 6 [...]

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The Allen BirdCam joins WildEarth

Be sure to check out the newest member of our growing group of wildlife broadcasters: The Allen BirdCam. This cam is located near a bird feeder in a suburban garden in Pretoria in South Africa and has already shown a great variety of wildlife. Well over 30 species of birds have been spotted so far [...]

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Our new website and player go into beta

Since WildEarth's current video player and website were launched in 2010, almost three years have passed and in Internet terms that is a very long time. Lots of new developments have happened since then, most notably the rapidly growing use of mobile devices for watching video and of social media for sharing content. Behind the scenes [...]

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