WildEarth is happy to announce the addition of another great waterhole camera to our site. 
The waterhole in front of the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge is an old friend of many long-term cam viewers as it has been broadcasting since as far back as 1999. So, when Graham headed out to install the new camera, it was not his first one as he had also installed the original one back in the day!
Kwa Maritane is located in the Pilanesberg National Park just a few hours drive from Johannesburg. It’s name means ‘place of the rock’ after a large, rocky hill that overlooks this waterhole. The waterhole also features an underground hide which is accessible via a 200 meter tunnel so guests can get to and from there safely and without disturbing the wildlife.

The new camera is streaming video to both the Internet and the guests’ rooms in the hotel and will be controlled by our trusty band of zoomies. As this camera is of a different type than others they operate, they will get a couple of days to practise their hand at it and we will make the camera public on Saturday afternoon.

Until then, check out Kwa Maritane’s website and Facebook page.

We are looking forward to many great sightings at this beautiful location!