It’s all great news for the Peregrine falcons this week. All the chicks are active and are losing their downy feathers.

Fuzzy, Dorothy and E2’s chick at the Cathedral Falcons nest has completely turned around, growing much larger since our last update and has started to catch up to its counterparts in the Great Spirit Bluff nest.

Fuzzy and Dorothy, May 18              Fuzzy and Dorothy, June 9

After being banded and treated for parasites by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but being too underdeveloped to be sexed, the chick has made great strides in terms of growth and physical activity. It moves about the nestbox on its own, flaps its wings and preens. This really is great news after we worried this chick would not survive. Dorothy is one tenacious and caring mother.

The Great Spirit Bluff chicks are a rowdy bunch, vying for their parents attention. Michelle and Travis have quite the job with keeping them fed, but the hard work has paid off in the form of 4 healthy chicks, and a very crowded nestbox.

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