safariLIVE schools: Glenwood Elementary

WE are passionate about sharing our wild experiences with people all around the world. This makes hosting our safariLIVE school drives an added bonus to the LIVE drive experience. This week we had all the bright young students from Glenwood Elementary join us on an African adventure all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia on [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Meet ‘Ciberya’

Marco Costa, also known as Ciberya, has been a zoomie since 2013. "I discovered when looking for some live wildlife cameras," he says. "When I first started I was just a viewer and within about 6-8 months I applied to become a zoomie. I love it! I love showing people all sorts of critters and [...]

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The Cat Report 18 – 24 April

Monday the 18th of AprilAn explosive and bounding start to the week with the return of the Sands wild dog pack. Chaos ensued as always, the doges coursed their way through the reserve. Both safariLIVE vehicles joined the melee as the dogs bounded across quarantine and into the Milawati drainage line. The dogs then came [...]

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WE celebrate international Earth Day 22 April 2016

Our planet is our responsibility and what better way to appreciate this than joining us on International Earth Day, this year falling on the 22nd of April. This conservation initiative aims to create and mobilise a unified human action towards preserving and ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.The Earth Day initiative encourages all people [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Living Her Wildest Dreams

Madeleine Skeoch is not only a long term viewer, she has also spent many years taking herself on real safaris. "I'm an avid traveler with a passion for Africa and all wildlife. I think it all started with great David Attenborough programs I watched as a kid. I've been very fortunate to have visited 64 countries. My favourite [...]

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Unwrapping Cheetah Plains

Unwrapping Cheetah PlainsIf you walked into the DRC (Djuma Research Camp – where the WE crew and guides rest their heads), you would wonder if you had time travelled and stepped into Christmas festivity preparations. There is a buzz in the air of excitement, anticipation and self-restraint. WE all just want to rip off the [...]

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safariLive Schools Drives: First Colonial High School

Biology is a required science for students at First Colonial High School. Teachers Anita Ridge and Kelley Wyckoff are making this a little more interesting by having their 14 to 16 year old students participate in the safariLIVE experience.FCHS students watch sunset safariLIVE - photo  by S FlachAfter the great success of the first schools [...]

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