As part of finding ways to grow our audiences we are putting our shows on different platform. Recently YouTube and in the near future we will also be making use of Facebook LIVE.

Tonight’s Fireside Chat is a first experiment in that regard. Based on the outcomes we will decide how to proceed in future to make sure we find the right balance between providing our existing and loyal audience with great content and finding new audiences.

One of the conditions of using FB LIVE is that content broadcast on there must be exclusive and can thus not be broadcast elsewhere at the same time. We do realise not everyone has a Facebook account and this might cause some to not be able to watch it. However, the #safariLIVE page on Facebook is public and can be viewed without being a member of or logging onto Facebook at this link:

We will also upload the FSC to the SafariLIVE page on YouTube shortly after it has been broadcast for those who missed it.

We apologise for any inconvenience but hope we can count on your support as we work on sharing the #safariLIVE experience with larger audiences.