Sunday the 8th of May is Mother’s day! WE want to celebrate by dedicating our sunset safari to all the incredible mothers out there. From the Queen of Djuma and her two cubs, to the awe inspiring elephant breeding herds with their tiny babies, we will be celebrating all the wild and magnificent mothers.

shadow with cubs.jpg
(Shadow with cubs, Image Credit: Dawie Jacobs, Arathusa)

WE know how resilient these special ladies are and how hard they work to keep all the youngsters safe and sound in the African wild. But WE also want to pay tribute to all the incredible human moms out there. That’s why WE want YOU to send through your dedications to the wonderful woman you call Mom.

hyaena with cubs.jpg
(Adults and cubs of the Djuma clan of hyaena)

Not able to spend the day on safari with your Mom? No problem, why not watch the LIVE stream together from your separate locations and allow our presenters to connect you during our Mother’s Day special Safari and Fire Side Chat! This Fire Side Chat will include some great clips of our animal moms and babies including a special one about the Queen of Djuma.

styx with cubs.jpg
(Styx lioness with cub)

Join James, Jamie and Sam for the last half an hour of the sunset safari on the 8th of May. Post through your comments, stories and dedications using the #safariLIVE on twitter, email us on   or comment on the live YouTube chat.