The Cat Report 1st – 6th May

  Sunday the 1st of May   The week kicks off with a somewhat docile doggie sighting. The Sands pack of wild dogs has been located on Arathusa. Upon Sam’s arrival the most the dogs could be bothered to do was raise their heads in vague interest. Soon after their eyes were resting tight against [...]

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Thankyou to Erik Moore!

It was Hayden Turner who first introduced us to the incredible idea of broadcasting safaris into schools. Whilst in Djuma he took a number of children from schools in the UK on a virtual safari. WE realised that school safaris can play a huge part in WildEarth's mission to help conserve our world through connecting people [...]

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It’s Mother’s Day!

Sunday the 8th of May is Mother’s day! WE want to celebrate by dedicating our sunset safari to all the incredible mothers out there. From the Queen of Djuma and her two cubs, to the awe inspiring elephant breeding herds with their tiny babies, we will be celebrating all the wild and magnificent mothers.(Shadow with [...]

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The Cat Report 25th April – 1st May

Monday the 25th of AprilThe mystery leopard is back! Only minutes after the start of the sunrise safari, Sam and Wium found themselves hot on the heels of a male leopard. Soon after finding the tracks, so fresh they were most probably still warm, Sam’s expert eyes caught the flick of a tail. Wium spun [...]

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WE participate in National Photograph Month

To celebrate we want to share with you many special moments caught on camera over the past nine years that WE have been broadcasting. WE will be posting the photos taken by WE crew members past and present on the @safariliveofficial instagram feed. (Karula, Image credit: Louise Pavid) WE have already contacted crew members both past [...]

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