safariLIVE viewer Helen Hobart has an unusual hobby. She pens haikus based on the sights and sounds of drive. “I belong to a group called World Justice News and here is where I was first introduced to the live safaris,” she says.

She is entering a poetry contest with the haikus she has written. “The chat group at will have on online safari party on May 13th and there will be a safari themed poetry contest.”

Here are some of the safariLIVE inspired poems Helen has written:

Africa is fun
There are lots of animals 
Under the hot sun
Karula is big
Spotty fur looks like a wig
She eats like a pig
I saw a hippo
He was fat from head to toe
Tail went to and fro
Jamie is a guide
She talks and talks, oh my my
Help her when she drives
James likes to sing songs
Plays guitar he brings along
Strumming all night long
Sam is the new man
With the wooden elephant
He drives over land
Brent is very tall
He sometimes wears a red shawl
Lion like his calls
Helen says that the she loves safari because it’s “actually live” and the guides have such a vast knowledge of the bush and the animals we encounter. “I have so many favorite sightings, it would be hard to pick just one. But, the sighting with Brent who came across the pride of lions who made a buffalo kill, although this was a graphic sighting, was one. Brent and his camera-man, managed to get this sighting from the beginning to the end.”
She recommends safariLIVE to “everyone who will listen” and feels that it adds great value to people’s lives. “I tell them it is exciting to watch, that it is an actual live experience, and that you can ask questions of the guides who will answer you live from South Africa!”
WE wish Helen good luck at the safari party, and hope her haikus do well in the competition.
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