Patty Finkral is one of safariLIVE’s newer viewers.  “I discovered SafariLIVE about a month ago while enjoying one of my favourite watering holes (Pete’s Pond) I am now ‘hooked’ and watching these live safaris has become a part of my daily life. If I cannot watch it live, I will go back and watch it later, but watching it live, I have found, really makes it more exciting and engaging.”

The semi-retired retirement home worker says that safariLIVE has increased her interest in nature conservation. “The first thing I would say that impacted me was, of course, seeing the beautiful animals, but I would have to say the biggest impact the program has had on me was hearing how passionate the crew is about conservation and leaving nature intact and learning from that.”

Patty also feels that she has been shown her how “magical” the natural world is, and has regained her wonder for all there is to see. “I feel like it has also been therapeutic and, in some ways, given me a piece of my childhood back. I think about my childhood and how my brothers and sisters and I would play in the pastures and investigate everything, hoping to see a deer or a turtle or just lay in the grass and listen to the meadowlarks…all of the things we take for granted as we get older and busier. On the safari drives, I love seeing the animals but I also enjoy the quieter days when we don’t find as many animals. The guides use the quiet time as an opportunity to point out the vegetation, share personal stories, show us the sunrises and the sunsets with all the beautiful colors in the sky and even the stars after dark.”

She has become a passionate fan of the drives and the work WE does, in the short time she has experienced it. “I would recommend WildEarth and safariLIVE to people of all ages. I have recommended it to my daughter, who home-schools my grandchildren, who are already fascinated with bugs and plants. Watching and actually being able to take part makes you realise how we are all a part of the ecosystem, even if it’s half way around the world from us! You will realise just how amazing our world really is.”

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