The 4th of July marks the day the 13 American colonies declared independence from the British in 1776. This day is regarded as the birth of an independent American nation. WE recognise that many of our viewers are on holiday and celebrating this day with their friends and family.

That’s why WE have decided to make our sunset safari on the 4th of July slightly different to normal.
We know that most of our viewers will be in holiday mode and so we thought we would do something special for you. We’ve got our expert safari guides poised and ready to take part in a special safari rangers race. WE want you to help out our guides as they compete to find the most mammal and bird species during the show.

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(Nkuhuma pride with Matimba males, Image Credit: Brent Leo-Smith, Djuma)

That’s not all, WE would love to hear any messages you have for friends and loved ones on this special holiday. Send through your dedications using #safariLIVE on Twitter, and allow one of our presenters to share your shout-outs live on-air from the middle of the African bush!

(Karula’s male cub, Image Credit: Lex Hess, Djuma)

The excitement doesn’t end there! WE will also be hosting a special Fireside Chat dedicated to the cutest cubs of the bush. So don’t be shy to jump on the back of the world’s largest safari vehicle this 4th of July and hopefully we can make your holiday a special one!