Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July, in South Africa, and internationally, is now a day dedicated to reaching out to those less fortunate by encouraging social empowerment through good will. Mandela’s astonishing legacy asks all members of humanity to spare 67 minutes of their time every year on the 18th of July to uplift those around them and create a positive change in the world. WildEarth and the safariLIVE crew went to lend a hand in the rural settlements on the outskirts of Sabi Sand.


The littlest humans with the biggest smiles came racing into the Utah Community Centre yesterday afternoon – much to the joy of the startled WE crew, who are very accustomed to the tranquillity of the bush.


The Kruger To Canyon (K2C) Environmental Monitors notified Activating Africa of what they would like to do on this year’s Mandela Day. Firstly, they asked for all the community members to help clean up Dixie (a neighbouring community), promoting pride and sustainability within the community; secondly they identified children who are less privileged than some in the community and asked the community to spend time with them, celebrating the spirit of this momentous day.


WE decided to take part and help make this happen. WE offered helping hands in fetching the children from school and then it was on to catering duty, making hotdogs and let me tell you – there were a lot of hotdogs! While the games began, the echoes of children laughing and singing, enjoying the day with their friends, filled the Community Hall. The joy of the children was infectious and soon WE were a smiling, well-oiled hotdog making machine!


A big thank you to Activating Africa and the Utah Environmental Monitors who allowed us to take part in the celebrations and welcomed us into the community. With each positive action, there will be a positive reaction – the children’s joy was mirrored by the safariLIVE crew and WE could not stop smiling as WE bumbled back to camp.

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