The Cat Report 20 – 26 August

Saturday the 20th of AugustThe day began bright and quiet on Djuma. After a sunrise safari spent following tracks all over the reserve the safariLIVE crew headed out in the afternoon with low expectations. Yet this is the wild and you never know what’s going to happen. A fact made true by the materialisation of [...]

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The Cat Report 15 – 19 August

Monday the 15th of August Cub cuteness commences the week with a sighting of the tiniest Nkuhuma cubs. Brent and the youngest three of the eight Nkuhuma’s spent a pleasantly warm afternoon wriggling and tumbling around mom. The cubs are growing fast and need to get those all important hunting skills honed to perfection and [...]

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Bush-lympics : The Final Countdown

   FASTER, HIGHER,STRONGER  WE don’t get to take part in many events from the bush, so when the Olympics rolled around , WE thought it was the perfect opportunity to be part of something that was happening world over! WE couldn’t get to Rio so WE decided to host our very own Bush Olympics, fondly [...]

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The Cat Report: 6th of August – 14th August 2016

  August has proven to be fittingly feline-friendly. WildEarth have been endlessly spoilt with our Big Cat Sightings on safariLIVE. From fierce fights to cuddling cubs, the cats have really shared with us some spectacular scenes.   Saturday 6th August Male on the March, Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown, safariLIVE, Djuma Saturday was off to a [...]

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Make every day an Ele day

On the 12th August WE celebrate World Elephant Day. This is the third year of celebrating the Elephants and how they enrich our lives, it is also to bring awareness to the intolerable actions of poaching and the steady decline of Elephant numbers in the wild, and the mistreatment of elephants in captivity. Eastern Cape [...]

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Spring is on the horizon!

Spring is on the horizon!       The early birds here at safariLIVE have noticed that the mornings are growing lighter from earlier on in the day. It is such a wonderful feeling to realise that Spring and Summer are making their way back to the lowveld! In anticipation of another wonderful Summer, we’re [...]

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The Cat Report: 25 July – 05 August 2016

Monday 25th July: Styx Cub, Screenshot Credit: Styx Pride of Lions Facebook‎, safariLIVE, Djuma The best way to start a Monday is with 8 sprightly Styx cubs. The Styx pride were making short work on their recent kudu kill at Cheetah Plains with lots of little mouths to feed. Watching lions on a kill is [...]

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A celebration of the Century

      WE would like to extend an invitation to all. Taronga Zoo’s 100th birthday is coming up and anything that reaches 100 should definitely be celebrated! Taronga Zoo is the city zoo of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The Zoo down-under  is very much involved in the educational realms of animal life  and [...]

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The Cat Report 9 – 16 July

Saturday the 9th of July   The leopard luck continues as the Karula the queen of Djuma made herself present yet again. This time the gorgeous leopardess is hungry and on the move. Brent managed to catch up with her as she moved intently west along the southern boundary. The intention in each step clearly [...]

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