The Cat Report 25 – 30 September

Sunday the 25th of September Sunday lunch was the order of the day for the Nkuhuma pride lionesses, their eight cubs and one amorous Birmingham male. The exertions of the hunt had clearly been responsible for large lion appetites. By the time WE arrived on the scene a great quantity of the carcass had already [...]

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The Cat Report 18 – 24 September

Sunday the 18th of September Heavy grey clouds had begun to crowd the white hot skies of the Sabi Sands. Cold winds blew in vicious gusts as the heavens opened and the first rains of the season landed on the parched cracked earth. The safariLIVE crew and animals alike could hardly believe that some rainy [...]

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World Rhino Day – 22 September 2016

World Rhino Day - 22 September 2016 In Southern Africa we find the commonly called ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Rhino. Their actual names are the ‘Square lipped’ and ‘Hook lipped’ Rhino. Their names are derived from the shape of their mouths and lips. You may be wondering then if there are Rhino in Southern Africa, why [...]

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The Cat Report 10 – 17 September

Saturday the 10th of September The day began blustery and overcast. Strong gusts of cool air swirled bone dry dust high into the atmosphere. James was out on foot exploring a few of the smaller things when a flick of white fluff caught his attention. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the fuzzy [...]

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safariLIVE Time Changes for September – POSTPONED

It seems that the heat of the approaching Summer may have gotten to all of us here at safariLIVE! The time change that WE had scheduled for 19 September will actually be postponed until 25 September.  WE have so many big and wonderful adventures coming up on safariLIVE, that WE have decided to keep with [...]

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safariLIVE Practiced and Polished – Upcoming Rehearsals and Schedule changes

  Ok safarians, do WE have some amazing news for you. WE have all been working extremely hard to further the reach of our live African safari experiences and have been given that exact opportunity. WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this new to follow [...]

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