safariLIVE Time Changes for November

safariLIVE Time Changes for November Well safarians the days are getting longer as WE head deeper into our summer months. This means it’s time for a change to the safari schedule. WE do this to make sure we only capture the very best animal action there is! From the 1st of November 2016 WE will [...]

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The Cat Report 21 – 28 October

Friday the 21st of October The week kicked off with not one, not two but three big cat sightings! First up was the Nkuhuma pride, all five lionesses were present with their eight fluffy cubs. Two of the Birmingham males were also present. Both Tinyo and Mfumo had singled out their own lioness and fiercely [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Emma Dalton

Emma Dalton discovered safariLIVE by pure chance. "I was flicking through YouTube channels, and got lucky!" she says. "The surreal aspect of being able to witness goings-on in South Africa from the comfort of my apartment is such an incredible experience." As a newer viewer, Emma's introduction to the live drives came in the midst [...]

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The Cat Report 15 – 21 October

Saturday the 15th of October A Saturday-caterday kicked off in the best way possible. Jamie returned to the scene of Karula’s latest victim to discover the royal family reclining in all their spotted grace. Karula was up a large marula tree feeding. Xongile and Hosana played with the reckless abandon of youth. They made great [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Kim Blackley

Since 2013, Kim Blackley, also known to fellow safariLIVE chatters as Kimba, has been a fan of what WE do in the African bush. She lives in Massachusetts and discovered drive through our ongoing partnership with Nat Geo Wild. Kim saw the specials produced for Big Cat Week, hosted by Hayden Turner and Pieter Pretorius. [...]

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Knighting the Birminghams

The Birmingham Boys are the dominant Lion coalition that WE encounter in the Northern Sabi Sand reserve. The young males strode into frame in late 2014, overthrowing the Matimba Male lion coalition and taking control of the Nkuhuma ,Torchwood and Styx prides. Fast forward to present time and these kings of cubs have certainly made [...]

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safariLIVE: October Rehearsals Round 2!

Well safarians WE have yet another bitter-sweet announcement to make. As most of you will already know WE are gearing up for our biggest LIVE event yet! WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this news to follow in the coming months. Time is slowly ticking [...]

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The Cat Report: 08 – 14 October

Saturday, 08 October The incredible Nkuhumas were at it again! One Birmingham Boy, eight cubs and their three mothers were found in the cold morning, sleeping off their buffalo meal from the night before. Well, moms and dad were sleeping but the babies were more interested in some play time. [Screenshot: Susan McDowall] Later on [...]

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safariLIVE: Cats of the Mara Triangle

After the epic Mara adventure WE have just had, it seems that a breakdown of all our new cat characters is in order! The Majority of the week was spent with the Kichwa Tembo pride. A collection of cats including four adult lionesses and two young subadult males. This pride had recently undergone a territorial [...]

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The Cat Report: 01 – 07 October 2016

Saturday, 01 October Another instalment of “Caturday” lay ahead and who better to kick it off than Queen Karula herself, and her beautiful cubs Xongile and Hosana! After a night of rain, the royal family quenched their thirst from nearby puddles of fresh rain water. James began to make his way out of the sighting [...]

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