The Cat Report: 19 – 25 November

19 November  As it would have it, Saturday proved yet again to be a Caturday. On one hand we had the Queen of Djuma with her heirs feeding on an adult male duiker. As the morning progressed the little royal family are well fed - they took on the Afrikaans age old saying of  ‘magies [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Leon De Waal Louw

Semi-retired pilot, and wanderer of wild spaces, Leon De Waal-Louw, is a frequent visitor to Kruger and a devoted safariLIVE viewer. He has joined us on drive for the past seven months, and found us on YouTube after an "internet stumble". Leon and his wife Alli own a Land Rover Shorty that features some enhancements [...]

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The Cat Report 11 – 18 Nov

Friday the 11th of November The sunset safari was once again filled to the brim with big cat action. Jamie managed to catch up with two of the Birmingham males, Tinyo and Mfumo, both still present at the site of the Nkuhuma pride’s latest kill. The lionesses and cubs themselves were nowhere to be seen. [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Bri Maestas

Animal lover Bri Maestas is a recent addition to our safariLIVE viewer family. The drives were a chance discovery on YouTube, and Bri has been along with us ever since. "The guides are a joy to watch, I love the live answer and question format, and the YouTube chat is quite a lot of fun.," [...]

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safariLIVE November rehearsals time changes and schedule

It’s that time once again safarians! WE are going into yet another set of rehearsals from 14 - 17 November, WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this news to follow in the coming months. But in order to make sure WE are giving you the [...]

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The Cat Report 4 – 11 Nov

Friday the 4th of November With no big cat sightings on the sunrise safari, it was down to Tayla to ensure WE didn’t break our 55-day big cat streak! Luckily, she managed to find the Nkuhuma pride feasting on yet another unfortunate buffalo on Arathusa. WE watched as one of the lionesses and a few [...]

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safariLIVE starts spreading its wings

We know there must be a great many people out there who would love nothing better than to join all of you on the back of one of our vehicles. ... if only they knew where to hop on.  In the coming weeks and months we will therefore be sharing safariLIVE with more and more [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Adam Lambert

Big Cat Week has brought many into the safariLIVE fold, including Adam Lambert. The military veteran and self-proclaimed "computer geek" had been watching when the drives were promoted on Nat Geo Wild in 2014 and was intrigued. "Since going on an African safari has always been one of my wish list or bucket list things, [...]

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safariLIVE Stream’s New YouTube Home

In recent weeks, the safarLIVE stream on YouTube has been tricky to find for our viewers, jumping from one page to another. WE have now secured a fixed URL for the stream so this should not pose any further problems. Thanks to Peter Braat, WE's technical wizard, the stream can now be found at The [...]

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The Cat Report 28 October – 3 November

Friday the 28th of October The week was off to yet another great start! The lions had once again been relocated that afternoon. It appeared that during the peaking heat of the day they had managed to bring down yet another buffalo! Yet because of the heat they had hidden themselves from the sun deep [...]

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