In recent weeks, the safarLIVE stream on YouTube has been tricky to find for our viewers, jumping from one page to another. WE have now secured a fixed URL for the stream so this should not pose any further problems.

Thanks to Peter Braat, WE’s technical wizard, the stream can now be found at The new stream is beautifully designed and will still feature our live moderated chat room, where viewers can engage with the ever growing community, ask questions and discuss all the sightings from drive.

Beautiful elephant views from safariLIVE sunrise drive – screenshot by Bianca Lucas

WE will also be shutting down the WildEarth YouTube channel’s feed of the stream, to keep everything easier for all of you and in one place. Yet, WE want to make sure you are always up-to-date with the latest happenings on safariLIVE. That’s why WE need you, our amazing and loyal viewers, to subscribe to the safariLIVE YouTube channel. This will ensure that each and every time WE go LIVE with something exciting YOU will be notified as soon as it happens.

How to subscribe and enable notifications on our page – graphic by Louise Pavid
To make this a reality, you need to click the “subscribe” button either under the safariLIVE stream or on the main page of our YouTube channel. From there, you will need to click on the small bell icon, next to the subscribe button, to ensure you get the necessary notifications. Most of you will also have noticed that there is a countdown feature on the live stream page as well, this tells you exactly how long you will need to wait until the next installment of safariLIVE begins. There are now also recordings of the drives available, about an hour after they have ended. Now you can catch up on past drives in the same place!
Your continued support and loyalty is of huge importance to us and has always been appreciated to the highest degree! WE hope to see you on the back of the world’s largest safari vehicle whenever WE go LIVE! 

Greatest thanks from the WildEarth team.